About us

Zaytangyi is the platform for the farming sector to connect the farmers with businesses. Under Zaytangyi within the Green Way app, there are two features, namely marketplace and seller-buyer linkage. Marketplace is an e commerce link where farmers can buy seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals, etc from stock at the local agro dealer shops. Seller-buyers linkage is an e commerce link where farmers can sell their products to the traders and buyers and traders and buyers can post their demand on the platform with notifications to the right farmers.

The Green Way team determined that it would also be beneficial to the farmers if there is a way to connect the farmers with the consumers who don't use the Green Way app. Therefore, the team created the Zaytangyi.com website where consumers can find the farmers’ products and buy directly from the farmers.

The website is collecting information from the consumers especially users’ behaviors so that there will be more innovations for the betterment of the Zaytangyi services and expanding digital offerings to further assist the farmers and agri-business along entire value chains.

Suggestions and recommendations are warmly welcomed and please send it to [email protected].

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